Weekend photo exterior clinic outdoor road Need an appointment on the weekend? We are open! We understand it can difficult to attend appointments during business hours, which is why at BVH we have extended operating hours. Contact our team to make an appointment today. Book Online More Information Hospital photo brian doctor gloves surgery surgical instruments ryanjiannis 2 Hospital Accredited BVH recently renewed its hospital accreditation from the Veterinary Surgeons Board of South Australia. This reaffirms our commitment to excellence at BVH. More Information Ultrasound Imaging Ultrasound Imaging We are thrilled to be able to offer onsite ultrasound imaging to our clients. BVH has invested in a high end Philips ultrasound machine that can assist in providing owners with an accurate and timely diagnosis of their pet’s condition. photo alex brian dog equipment irish terrier nurse patient probe treatment ultrasound ryanjiannis New Treatment istock 861399214 A New Treatment for Cats Solensia is a new treatment that is now available for cats who present with osteoarthritis. It is administered monthly via injection and can assist with managing pain by targeting Nerve Growth Factor which is a key player in osteoarthritis pain. Feline osteoarthritis is a prevalent condition and may limit a cat’s comfort and quality of life if not treated. Please book a consultation with one of our vets if you would like to discuss this further. Preparing istock 1189203270 Preparing for your Appointment Please always remember to bring your pet in a secure carrier or on a lead or harness – this is essential for their safety. This applies for all of our beloved pets even the small pocket rockets that can easily be carried. For pets where a carrier is suitable, transporting them in a carrier with a towel placed over the top may help minimize any anxiety and make them feel secure. In the event you do not have a carrier, please contact the clinic prior to your appointment and we are happy to lend you a carrier. Preparing shutterstock 474728491 A New Treatment for Older Dogs Beransa is a new injectable treatment for dogs with osteoarthritis. It is a monthly injection that can assist with joint mobility, maintaining muscle and improving a dog’s overall quality of life. Please book an appointment with a Brighton Veterinarian to discuss this treatment option. Preparing NexGard Promotion NexGard Spectra as a broad-spectrum all-in-one treatment for dogs that provides the highest level of protection against Fleas, Ticks, Mites, Heartworm, and Intestinal Worms. This convenient beef flavoured chew is an all-in-one treatment is given monthly and is safe from 8 weeks and 2kg body weight. We provide two free bonus months treatment when you buy a six-month pack, providing 8 months treatment for the price of six! tan puppy with floppy ears Hospital photo staff 19 Welcome Dr Delphi Allison Dr Lucas Grist has joined the Brighton Veterinary team for two years, he visits us from Saskatchewan, Canada. Dr Grist completed a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan. More about Lucas

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We are proud to be owned and operated by two of the practising veterinarians at BVH, with collectively over 50 years of commitment to local community.  At BVH we provide a range of high quality services to your pet through our experienced team and our ongoing investment in equipment and technology.  We are proud of our 44 years of service to the local community and we look forward to strengthening this relationship with you and your pet, as we provide them with the very best veterinary care.

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