Lost Pets

Please contact Holdfast City Council in the event you find an uninjured lost dog or cat. The council has a 24 hour service to assist community members in re uniting pets with their owners.

The council inspector will come and collect a lost pet and take them to the council holding bays. Council inspectors have microchip scanners and will attempt to contact the lost pet’s owners.

Holdfast Council works closely with the Lonsdale Animal Shelter. Lost pets are transferred from the council holding bays to the Lonsdale Shelter where they are cared for. Lonsdale Animal Shelter will advertise lost pets on Facebook groups as part of their processes in reuniting pets with their owners.

If a lost and uninjured pet is brought into BVH, we are happy to check if the pet has a microchip. In the event they do, we will contact the owners and request they come and collect their pet. Unfortunately, we cannot share the registered owner’s details with members of the public. Our staff will contact a council inspector to come and collect the pet if we are not successful in contacting the owners within a 24 hour time period. In the event the pet does not have a microchip, we will advertise the pet on the Lost Pets of Adelaide for 24 hours, thereafter requesting the council to come and collect the pet.

Often kittens that are found are not microchipped and finding the owners can be difficult. A rehoming process is typically commenced immediately by the animal shelter as these young animals need immediate care. Unfortunately, at Brighton Veterinary Hospital, we do not accept kittens as we are not a 24 hour facility and cannot provide the care kittens require.

Injured Animals

At Brighton Veterinary Hospital, we will always assist animals and lost pets that are injured.

For pets, we will assess the animals, provide any immediate pain relief and initial treatment that is required. Our team will then make attempts to contact the owners to discuss treatment options. For pets that are not microchipped, we will advertise lost pets on the Lost Pets of Adelaide for 48 hours before assuming all decision making for that pet which may include rehoming.

For injured wildlife, the clinic staff will treat the animal and will engage with Fauna Rescue if ongoing care is required.