We pride ourselves in being competitively priced and offering value to our clients.  We will always provide you with a variety of treatment options so that, together, we can decide the right course of treatment for your pet, you and your budget.  Payment is required on the day of consultation please.    Please feel free to call us at the clinic for a quotation on any service.

For all surgical cases, you will be provided with a quotation prior to the surgery.  This quotation may be a range of the approximated cost.  Often it can be difficult to know exactly what surgery is required and how long it will take until the procedure has actually commenced.   For surgical cases, full payment is required at the time of collection.

Please note for any appointments on a public holiday a surcharge will apply.

We accept Visa and Mastercard and Eftpos facilities are available (no cash out).

We also offer Openpay.  Openpay is a third party credit facility that can be applied for via your Smartphone.  Please visit the Openpay website or view the brochure for further information on this payment option.

We apologise in advance for not accepting cheques or facilitating an account.

Please feel free to discuss any concerns you have with regards to your quotation or payment, with your veterinarian.

Pet Insurance

We understand at BVH that an unexpected veterinary expense can place a lot of stress on pet owners. Pet insurance can help to relieve some of that stress through assistance in covering the costs of your veterinary bill.

The process of choosing an insurance policy can be tricky and confusing as there are many different companies that offer pet insurance and they each have different policies.  Usually waiting periods apply and they will not provide cover for any pre-existing illness.

We cannot recommend one insurance company over another, but in our experience the questions you should ask of the insurance company include the following;

  • For what percentage of vet bills will I be reimbursed?
  • Will I be reimbursed for preventative health visits or only illness visits?
  • Do I have an option of accident only cover vs accident and illness cover?
  • How much excess will I need to pay in the event I make a claim?
  • In the event of an illness, is there any limitation (in either timeframe or cost) to the number of claims I can make in relation to this one illness?