Brighton Veterinary Hospital is located at 526 Brighton Road, Brighton.  We are positioned on the eastern side of Brighton road, opposite Hungry Jacks and the Foodland Shopping Centre and next to the old Brighton squash courts.

Client car parking is located at the rear of the building.  This carpark can be accessed from Hahn’s Lane.

Car parking is permitted on Brighton Road between 9:00am and 4:00pm.  It is a clearway outside of these hours.

You are also welcome to park in Coastlands Church carpark which is located at 522 Brighton Road.  This carpark is also accessed from Gregory Lane and is located on the northern side of the clinic, towards Sturt Road.

The closest bus stops to the clinic are Stops 36 (if you are travelling south along Brighton Road) and 37 (if you are travelling north.)

We have one main spacious waiting room in the clinic however there is a separate courtyard available for pets preferring their own quiet space.

At BVH we are wheelchair accessible to all public areas.

How to enter Hahn’s Lane

Please note that Hahn’s lane is only one-way, and cannot be entered via Brighton Road.