Behavioural Management

The Brighton Veterinary team are experienced in assisting owners manage any behavioural concerns of their pets.  Behavioural management strategies can include environmental enrichment, medical management or additional training.  We will also happily refer you and your pet to a specialist Animal Behaviouralist when it is required.  The team at BVH can assist you with concerns such as urine spraying, separation anxiety, destructive behaviour or sound phobias.

Please make a consultation with a veterinarian to discuss any behavioural issues you are concerned about.

Puppy school

Brighton Veterinary Hospital offers a puppy school program regularly throughout the year.  The classes are conducted by one of our senior veterinary nurses and are held onsite at the clinic.

The programs runs over a four week period.  The classes run for approximately one hour.  Please contact the clinic for details on the latest class schedule.

With the current COVID restrictions, generally only one member of the family can attend.  Please call us to discuss your personal situation if you have more than one family member who would like to attend the class.

The program covers basic dog care, obedience and provides a great opportunity for your puppy to socialize with other puppies and become familiar with the veterinary setting and hopefully reduces any future anxiety with visiting the practice.

The Puppy School program costs $120 for the 4 week program.  In the event you are unable to attend one of the scheduled classes please feel free to nominate another family member to bring your puppy for that session.  Unfortunately, we cannot refund part payment, in the event you can’t attend one of the classes.

For more information on the puppy school schedule please contact us on (08) 8296 4300.