Canine rehabilitation, an integral aspect of veterinary care, focuses on enhancing a dog’s mobility, strength, and overall function, akin to human physical therapy.

Regardless of age, breed, or size, dogs can benefit from rehabilitation to expedite recovery from orthopaedic surgeries or injuries and manage chronic conditions like osteoarthritis.

At Brighton Veterinary Hospital, we employ a comprehensive, personalized approach, utilizing various modalities to craft a program tailored to your pet’s specific needs.   Canine rehabilitation therapy may include exercises, manual therapy techniques, therapeutic modalities like ultrasound or laser therapy, and other interventions aimed at improving the dog’s mobility, strength, and overall function.  Our ultimate goal is to enhance the physical well-being and quality of life for all our rehabilitation patients.

Dr Leila offers rehabilitation appointments on selected days of the week.  Please see here for more information on Dr Leila’s interest and qualifications in canine rehabilitation.  Please contact the hospital to book an appointment.