The team at BVH is well qualified and highly experience to provide and extensive range of dental services. Dental procedures are performed under general anaesthesia for both dogs and cats. We also offer dental services for rabbits, of which some procedures can be performed conscious.

At BVH we promote dental health and believe that prevention is better than having to treat a condition after it has occurred. Our aim for your pet is to retain a full set of teeth. This can be achieved through feeding various dental chews and bones, manually brushing teeth with pet friendly tooth brushes and pastes, using anti-bacterial mouth rinses and feeding specific dental dry food.

Once plaque has calcified and developed into calculus, it is then important that we perform a descale and polish on your pet, much like you would receive from your dental hygienist. In the event the sub-gingival calculus builds up, gingivitis will develop and the end result is gum recession and potentially multiple teeth extractions.

BVH is well equipped with specialised dental instruments including an ultrasonic scaler, hand curettes, air driven drills and polishers to ensure your pet receives the very best dental care.

Often dental patients are older pets, so having up to date equipment is important to allow us to conduct surgery in an efficient manner, thereby reducing anaesthetic risk.  At BVH we also have excellent monitoring equipment and we offer pre-anaesthetic blood tests which collectively further reduce any anaesthetic risk.