The decision to end a life is never easy. One of the hardest parts of pet ownership is when to decide to euthanase a pet whose quality of life has deteriorated to an unacceptable level.  At BVH we do not take this responsibility lightly. Whilst the timing is a personal one, there are many things to consider when making your decision which may include:

  • What is the present quality of my pet’s life?
  • Is my pet still eating and drinking well?
  • Is my pet affectionate and interactive toward me or more withdrawn?
  • Is my pet able to go to the toilet unaided or is it incontinent?
  • Is my pet neglecting itself (e.g. grooming)?
  • Is my pet unable to get comfortable?
  • Are any other treatment options available for my pet’s condition?

Euthanasia is the induction of a painless death by an intravenous injection of a concentrated anaesthetic.

Your pet may feel slight discomfort when the needle tip passes through the skin, but a few seconds later the anaesthetic will induce a total loss of consciousness. Soon after, the animal’s breathing stops and their heart stops beating.

Our aim is to make the process as peaceful as possible.   This may include owners being present or not and pets being sedated before the injection.  The injection will be given to your pet in either a consulting room at BVH or alternatively during a home visit consultation. We are here to help and our caring team will support you through this emotional time.

BVH partners with both the Animal Welfare League (AWL) and Eden Hills cremation services for a selection of their products and services.   Cremation can be performed with or without your pet’s ashes being returned to you.  There are a variety of urns and remembrance products available.  Please review the Eden Hills brochure here or the AWL brochure here, to view the options that we can arrange for you.

Remembrance Candle

Our kind nursing team maintains a remembrance candle in the reception area of Brighton Veterinary Hospital. If you see the candle alight whilst you are in our waiting room this indicates that a client’s beloved pet is undergoing euthanasia. We light this candle to celebrate and honour the life of a much loved pet.