We generally recommend annual vaccinations for both cats and dogs however your veterinarian will tailor a vaccination program that suits your pet’s needs depending on their lifestyle and your preferences.

Parasite Prevention

Worms, fleas and mites will cause discomfort for your pet.  These parasites can be prevented and treated with a range of products.  One of our veterinarians will help tailor a program that is suitable to your pet based on its requirements and your budget.


A microchip is a tiny electronic chip approximately the size of a rice grain which has a unique identifying number.  The microchip is the link to the owner’s contact details which are held on the state-wide database.

Microchipping is a simple procedure that can usually occur during a consultation visit or whilst sedated for another surgical procedure.

As of 1 July 2018 all dogs and cats in South Australia must be microchipped before 3 months of age or 28 days after purchase.  This also includes older cats and dogs.

Please refer to the Dog and Cat Board for further information


Desexing means to permanently render an animal incapable of reproducing. In female animals this involves the removal of the ovaries and the uterus. In male animals it involves the removal of the testicles. Most animals do very well after surgery, with no or minimal complications.

At BVH we always encourage desexing surgery for the many health benefits it offers your pet, however it is now law for all dogs and cats born after the 1st July 2018 to be desexed. Special exemptions exist for working and breeding animals. More information regarding this change in legislation can found on the government website

Desexing surgeries are performed Monday to Friday at the BVH. Whilst dogs and cats form the majority of our surgical case load, we also desex rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs among others.

The ideal age for desexing can vary depending on the species and the expected size of your pet when they are full grown. Below are some guidelines that we use at BVH.


  • Male and female cats at 4-6 months of age


  • Small breed – male and female dogs at six months of age
  • Large (adult size of >40kg) breed – male and female dogs at 12 months of age


  • Male and female rabbits at 4 months of age

We understand at BVH that some owners find grooming their pets stressful or that some coats are difficult for owners to manage.  At BVH we provide grooming services under sedation for both cats and dogs.  This can be arranged as a stand- alone service or can be organised at the same time as another procedure.


At BVH we have a wide range of specialist foods that can help manage various conditions.  Prescription diets can assist in the management of: urinary issues (e.g. urinary calculi), weight management, bowel disease and kidney failure, in both cats and dogs.

We can provide samples of some brands of food and we will help you select a product that your pet enjoys.