Ceren BuyrukVeterinary Nurse

    Ceren commenced with Brighton Veterinary Hospital in October 2023 as a Veterinary Nurse. 

    Ceren moved to Sydney from Istanbul in 2022 before moving to Adelaide in July 2023. She has a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine from Istanbul University, which she completed in 2021 and is currently studying Leadership and Management whilst working part-time with us. In Istanbul, Ceren worked as a volunteer during her first year at the university and then as an intern vet. After graduating in 2021, she worked as a Vet until she came to Australia.  


    She has completed many training seminars and has experience working with many small pets, namely dogs, cats and pet birds.


    Ceren has a special interest in surgery and would like to do her Masters after obtaining veterinary accreditation in Australia. She loves working with animals and helping them to live “a good life”.        

    Outside of work, Ceren loves spending time in nature and playing tennis. She likes drawing and watercolour painting. Ceren has a Chinchilla Cat called Poncik, who unfortunately lives in Istanbul but is living a great life with her Ceren’s parents.  


    We are very excited to have Ceren in the clinic with us while she is here in Australia. 

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