Dr Gerry DeenVeterinary Surgeon

    Gerry retired as a practicing veterinary surgeon in 2008 after working for over 40 years.  Gerry established Brighton Veterinary Hospital in 1975 which was originally located at 524 Brighton Road.  The hospital located at 526 Brighton Road was built in 1987 and became an accredited hospital in 1989 under Gerry’s leadership.

    Gerry graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1972 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and worked in Mildura for one year before moving to Adelaide and working at Marion Animal Hospital.

    Gerry had a large cat and dog breeding fraternity in the early years and volunteered regularly at cat shows in Adelaide.  Gerry worked long hours to provide 24/7 care to the Brighton pet community with no after-hours veterinary centres established at that time.

    Gerry was an accomplished and talented surgeon.  He was self-taught and was successful across a broad range of procedures with no specialist veterinary surgeons at that time.

    Gerry remains a friendly face at the Brighton Veterinary Hospital as well as on the Seacliff/Brighton beach.

    alexandra 1rieley