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A key advantage that Brighton Veterinary Hospital is that the hospital is equipped with high end technology that allow the veterinary team to diagnose and treat your pet within a timely fashion. The fleet of equipment that our pets are afforded include:


In July 2022, the clinic upgraded its ultrasound machine to a brand-new Philips Epic Elite. This ultrasound is found in human hospitals and one local veterinary imaging specialist. The machine allows the veterinary team to perform abdominal scans of pets that can highlight conditions such as kidney stones, abdominal tumours, foreign bodies and inflammatory disorders.

Digital X – Ray

In the last five years, Brighton Veterinary Hospital invested in a full digital x-ray machine that allows rapid image acquisition minimising the time that your pet needs to be sedated. This improves patient safety, and the high resolution of this machine increases our diagnostic capability.

Heska Blood Machines

In 2021, we installed a full blood pathology suite allowing the Brighton team to conduct 90% of our testing needs. The inhouse suite allows rapid turnaround time on results which is especially important for our critical patients.

Dental Suite

The dental suite includes a new IM3 Professional Pro dental unit and accompanying CR7 dental x-ray machine. The dental x-ray machine allows the veterinary surgeon to detect dental pathology whilst your pet is under a dental procedure. The advantage of a dental x-ray unit is that it allows the veterinarian to determine your pet’s teeth health below the gum line, so that teeth are not removed unnecessarily and to ensure that any unhealthy teeth are removed. This is especially critical in cats who often suffer resorptive teeth lesions that sometimes are not visible on the surface of the tooth.

Anaesthetic Machine

The anaesthetic machine is a vital piece of surgical equipment within a veterinary practice as it controls the anaesthetic when your pet is having surgery. Brighton Veterinary Hospital has recently upgraded and replaced its anaesthetic machine to a Mindray Veta 5 machine. This anaesthetic machine is designed from human anaesthetic machines but has been customised to the veterinary surgery. The machine allows the surgical team to control your pet’s breathing and has the added advantage of being able to mechanically breathe for your pet if required during the surgery. The Mindray has numerous built-in alarms that will alert the surgical team at the very first sign of any change across a number of physiological parameters.

Patient Monitor

The patient monitor system is used in conjunction with the anaesthetic machine and monitors all of your pet’s vitals during surgery. Brighton Veterinary Hospital invested in a Mindray EPM 12 system that has significant advantages over other patient monitors. Most importantly, this system measures your pet’s carbon dioxide levels during surgery. Measuring carbon dioxide is the most sensitive test for anaesthetic complications. Having this information at hand provides the surgical team the ability to prevent potential anaesthetic complications. This is especially important during the recovery phase of the anaesthetic.

Patient Warmers

A potential issue with anaesthesia is hypothermia, or when a pet becomes too cold. At Brighton Veterinary Hospital, we have invested in two patient warmers that deliver hot air special ventilated blankets ensuring normal body temperatures without the risk of burns that can be associated with other heating devices.

Often it can be hard to know what quality of equipment is being used at a veterinary practice to help care for your pet. You can be very confident at Brighton Veterinary Hospital that your pet will be afforded the very best equipment to help the veterinary team make a timely and accurate diagnosis. Our clinic philosophy is to invest in the best available equipment that maximises positive patient outcomes. The veterinary team enjoy utilising quality equipment and maximising the advantages the equipment can provide. The team feel great joy in diagnosing and treating a sick pet, back to good health who can then enjoy a happy and long life.

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