At some stage in their life, your pet may require an operation under a general anaesthetic. Most animals have their first surgery at a young age when they are desexed.

Our team of veterinarians conduct surgery Monday through Friday inclusive.  Emergency surgical cases are conducted as needed after hours.

The surgeries conducted at BVH range from simple through to complex cases and can include:

Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Desexing – (Find out More)
  • Wound repair for lacerations of the skin or muscle
  • Removal of lumps such fatty masses, benign and malignant growths
  • Abdominal surgery including procedures involving the stomach, intestines, spleen and bladder
  • Caesarean sections
  • Eyelid surgeries such as eyelid lump removals and repair of congenital eyelid defects
Orthopaedic Surgery

Brighton Veterinary Hospital is at the forefront of orthopaedic surgery following significant investment in equipment.  We are proud to be able to offer the following services for our clients.

  1. Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair
    1. Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) technique
    2. De-angelis Suture technique
    3. Iso-Lock – Italian designed knotless surgical technique
    4. Modified Marquet procedure – UK designed technique that changes the biomechanics of the knee so that your pet does not require a cruciate ligament
  1. Medial Patella Luxation repair
    1. Small Breed techniques
    2. Large Breed techniques
  1. Fracture Repair
    1. Locking plate technology – USA designed system
    2. Cerclage wire and pinning techniques
  1. Amputations
    1. Forelimb
    2. Hindlimb

Our aim at BVH is to tailor the surgical technique to best meet the needs of your pet.  Your veterinarian will discuss the various options with you during your consultation.

At BVH we work closely with the Adelaide Veterinary Specialist and Referral Centre for more complex surgical cases. We are happy to refer your pet to a specialist veterinarian when we feel this is best for your pet.

All surgical cases at BVH are conducted in our sterile theatre onsite with a dedicated surgical team that is comprised of a veterinarian and a nurse.

At BVH we have invested in a broad range of anaesthetic monitoring equipment to minimise anaesthetic risk.

Most pets are discharged from the clinic on the same day as their surgery.  A discharge appointment will be scheduled with you at the time of drop off.  Some complex surgeries including orthopaedic cases will require your pet to stay in overnight to assist in managing their pain.